Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How often should I change my nasal cannula?
A. You should change your nasal cannula every two weeks.
Q. How often should I change the long oxygen tubing?
A. You should change your long oxygen tubing every two months.
Q.Why won’t my homefill tank refill?
A. Check the gage to see if the tank is bellow 1,500 psi. The pressure must be below 1,500 to fill. Also check to see if the tank is in place correctly. Listen for the coupling to click in to place. If you can pull the tank off of the compressor without pushing down on the coupling then the tank is not in place.
Q.What should I do if my nose becomes dry?
A. You can use a nasal saline spray, water based lubricant or a bubble humidifier can be attached to your concentrator.
Q. How often should I clean the filters on my concentrator?
A. Filters should be cleaned with warm water once a week.
Q.Can I bathe with my cannula on?
A. Yes you can.
Q. Is it ok to leave portable tanks in the car?
A. Yes it is. However it should not be used as a long term storage area.
Q. Why does my tubing have water in it?
A. It’s a good possibility you are experiencing rain out. This is happens when the humidity on your heater is set to high. Try turning it down, if the problem persists give us a call.
Q.How often should I clean my mask?
A. You should clean the area of the mask that touches your face once a day. You should take the mask apart and clean all pieces once a week.
Q. How often should I clean my cpap tubing?
A. You should clean it once a week.
Q.How often should I clean and or change the cpap machine filters?
A.Reusable dark color filters should be cleaned once a week and discarded every six months. Light colored or white filters should be discarded once a month.
Q. When is it time to get a new mask and head gear?
A. Typically mask and head gear need to be changed every 6 months. After six months the mask begins to wear down. This makes is harder to create a good seal, allowing more leaks. Without a good seal a patient may not be getting the necessary treatment from their CPAP.
Nebulizer Compressors
Q. How often should I clean my neb cup?
A. After each use.
Q. When should I get a new neb cup?
A. Neb cups generally last six months.
Q. When should I change the filter on the neb compressor?
A. You should change the filter every three months.
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